Chile, beyond Santiago and Valparaíso

From Santiago de Chile it is possible to take tours to world-class national destinations, with architectural, archaeological, and gastronomic attractions, and unique parks and nature reserves in the world, some of them are World Biosphere Reserves or UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Photo: Andrés Téllez

North of Chile

Saltpeter offices and San Pedro de Atacama

The Antofagasta region offers a rich architectural heritage from Inca, Hispanic and recent times. The “company towns” built by the nitrate exploiting companies add to the landscape and nature of the desert, unique in the world.

Central Chile

Wine Routes

At a short distance from Santiago are the wineries of the most prestigious wine producers in Chile. Newer routes such as the Limarí valley to the north, Casablanca and San Antonio towards the coast, and those of Maipo, Curicó and Maule to the south can be added to the traditional route of the Rapel valley.

Rapa Nui

Easter Island

Rapa Nui is an exotic and mysterious destination, inhabited by the enigmatic Moai, located in a unique landscape, halfway between the Polynesian and Western cultures, it is the most distant spot from any other place on Earth.