Conservation in Practice

Modern Heritage and Adaptive reuse

Portales Neighborhood Unit. Bresciani, Valdés, Castillo, Huidobro. 1953-1967. Photo: Andrés Téllez.

In the framework of the International Docomomo Conference, an International Workshop will be organized, dedicated to students, researchers, and professionals worldwide.

The workshop aims to put into practice the articles of the Docomomo Manifesto on Education.

The main subject will be Conservation in Practice: Modern Heritage and adaptive reuse. The case study will be selected among the housing complexes built in Chile in the 20th century and their possibilities for architectural intervention.

The workshop will research the scope of possibilities to operate on an urban scale with solid participation from the communities under the government-led program Quiero mi barrio in modern residential complexes. At the same time, the design research will focus on the adaptive reuse of modern heritage and the consideration of empty spaces as a place for new architecture.

The workshop will be an opportunity to gather students from all over the world.

The workshop could work on the different cases of housing complexes on which Docomomo Chile has gained experience, above all with the work done after the 2010 earthquake. The complexes have the advantage of allowing several different approaches, from the technological ones – against earthquakes, for example, or facing the processes of material obsolescence, up to the integration of social or recreational facilities, built or open, as well as the relationship with nature and the landscape conceptions that may be behind it. The relationship with the communities that inhabit them is also usually part of the concerns to improve the ensembles.