Santiago – Valparaíso – Viña del Mar – Ritoque

All the tours will be guided by docomomo members, with the collaboration of host institutions and public and private owners.

Chile is a strongly centralized country, with most of its population living in the capital, Santiago, and some nearby cities, such as Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. The continental territory extends for more than 5,000 km facing the Pacific Ocean and has about 380 km in its most comprehensive portion between the Andes Mountain range and the sea. This determines the day-long tours that are possible, taking the Conference venue as the starting point.

United Nations Building, Emilio Duhart, 1960-1966. Photo: Andrés Téllez

Momo Tours

Tour 1

Modern Santiago

Among the most important milestones of modern architecture in Chile, there are many buildings and complexes located along the Mapocho River basin, which crosses the city from east to west. Among them the Benedictine Monastery of Las Condes, the ECLAC headquarters, residential buildings in Providencia and the city center, and the Portales Neighbourhood Unit.

Tour 2

Housing in Santiago

The product of public policies since the 1930s, the housing complexes for employees make up a rich panorama of experiments and achievements of significant impact in the city. The tour includes the first projects, built in lots of approximately 100 x 100m (San Eugenio, Huemul 2, Arau- co), and operations of greater scope, including the Juan Antonio Ríos, Matta-Viel and Remodelación República estates, and the Portales and Providencia Neighbourhood Units.

Tour 3

Viña del Mar
IAV Open City

Located 250 km from Santiago, on the Pacific coast, the conurbation of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar brings together an appreciable number of high-value buildings and complexes. In the heritage conservation area of Valparaíso, there are at least five important examples, including the Naval School, Quebrada Márquez estate, and the modern buildings around Plaza Sotomayor, along with other cases located along the limits with Viña del Mar. There, the most interesting cases are related to the coastline and programs for housing, tourism, and scientific research, such as the Montemar Marine Station. The visit to the Open City of the IAV is a highlight of the tour due to its experimental nature and the active conservation of many of the buildings conceived in its 50-year history.